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Brandywine Tow Truck Company

Are you searching for a tow truck in Brandywine? Call us at Intense Towing. We provide AROUND THE CLOCK Towing And More to get our customers back on the road fast.   301-535-8310

    Brandywine Tow Truck Specialists

    Intense Towing takes immense pride in its exceptional towing and roadside assistance services. Our extensive experience, training, and in-depth knowledge of the towing industry have established us as renowned experts in this field. We are committed to delivering the highest caliber towing service and continually seeking to raise the bar in the towing industry at affordable rates. Our dependable and friendly tow truck operators will go above and beyond to ensure a positive towing experience for you. Whether the sun is shining, the snow is falling, or it’s raining cats and dogs, or you have a car stuck in the snow, you can rely on Intense Towing for all your towing needs, including tows, accident assistance, tire changes, and more. When you require the services of a professional tow truck company, Intense Towing is always a phone call away.

    Brandywine Tow Truck

    Intense Towing offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure a swift return to the road. From towing to roadside assistance and recovery services, we have got you covered. Our dedicated team is at your service 24/7, every day of the year, regardless of the weather conditions or holidays.

    • Flatbed Towing
    • Accident Towing
    • Winching Service
    • Classic Car Towing
    • Jump Start Service
    • Tire Change Service
    • Police Towing
    • Unlock Service
    • fully Insured
    • Short Distance Towing
    • Long Distance Towing
    • 24/7 Assistance

    Your Dependable Tow Truck Company

    Professional Care

    Brandywine Tow Truck

    Most people only need a towing company once every 20 years. With that said, you probably don’t have a top-of-mind towing company. Don’t call just any towing company. Call us-Brandywine’s most trusted towing team.

    Motorcycle Towing

    Brandywine Tow Truck

    When you need a tow truck to tow your bike, call a towing team that is just as particular about doing their job as you are about your bike. We use specialized soft straps to ensure your bike receives a damage free tow.

    Convenient Roadside Assistance

    Brandywine Tow Truck

    There is defiantly nothing convenient about having a flat tire. But our job at Intense Towing is to take the hassle out of your flat tire, dead battery, or accidentally locking your keys in your car by providing prompt and affordable roadside assistance services.

    Why Choose Us?

    Intense Towing and Recovery prioritize the satisfaction of our customers and prides itself on being an honest and transparent towing company. We carefully select our team of tow truck operators, ensuring they are trustworthy, highly skilled, and Wreckmaster Certified. Our tow truck operators understand a vehicle is a significant investment and genuinely care about the well-being of your car, whether you require towing services or convenient roadside assistance.
    Regardless of the time, day, or night, our dependable team is prepared and ready to answer your call. When you call, a friendly, upfront, and knowledgeable dispatcher will promptly dispatch a tow truck operator to your location. As our valued customer, you can trust Intense Towing to deliver superior customer service and thorough, detailed towing and roadside assistance services.

    Brandywine Tow Truck