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Why Choose Our Towing Service?

It’s simple really, the reason you should choose Intense Towing & Recovery as your towing service is because we care about our customers and will go out of our way to provide you with the highest level of professionalism when towing your car.


Emergency Towing

When you are involved in an accident, tell the 911 dispatcher to call Intense Towing & Recovery. You take care of yourself and your family and we'll handle all your vehicle recovery needs.

Trust Intense Towing

Motor vehicle accidents are full of chaos and confusion. Whether it’s a simple fender bender or a rollover, when you are involved in accident, you need the care and guidance of a professional towing company who’s looking out for your interests, Intense Towing.

Flatbed Towing

Some vehicles must be towed with all four wheels off the ground, usually that means it's best to tow them with a flatbed tow truck. We provide flatbed towing service for a wide variety of needs.

Secure Transport

When your four-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive vehicle needs a tow it’s best to trust Intense Towing & Recovery’s fleet of flatbed tow trucks to do the work. We take great pride in the attention we pay to every detail when loading and securing your vehicle.

Winching Recovery

If for some reason, you fail to negotiate a turn and you and your car end up down an embankment, you are going to need our winching recovery service. Don't panic, just call Intense Towing.

Off-Road Recovery

Sometimes a slide-off results in a roll-over, which can cause major damages, and possibly even total you car. Other times your car may be completely intact but unable to move on it’s own power. In either case, call Intense Towing for off-road recovery.

Parking Enforcement

Do you own a commercial property and find it difficult to keep your lot free of unwanted cars? Intense Towing & Recovery provides various parking enforcement arrangements for property owners.

Apartment Towing

If you manage an apartment complex and find it difficult to keep your lots clear of unwanted cars, call us. We provide all the signage and various arrangements, including 24 hour monitoring. We help you to reclaim spaces reserved for your tenants.



When you are looking for a towing service company to provide motor vehicle accident recovery services, it’s highly important to consider their experience. If not a simple recovery can end up being much more costly. So, consider this, has the company provided these types of services before? When it comes to accident recovery, you want a towing company who knows their way around a motor vehicle accident, and who knows what they are doing. 

We have years of experience working motor vehicle collisions. Including rollovers, multiple vehicle crashes and many more than we care to talk about. Intense Towing & Recovery has provided service for all types of motor vehicle collisions and is the one to trust when you are involved in an accident. 


    • Winching Recovery For Slide-Offs
    • Single And Multiple Motor vehicle collision recovery
    • Equipment Transport Service
    • Accident Recovery & Towing Service 
    • Car, truck, motorcycle and equipment rollover accident towing
    • Flooded and submerged vehicles 
    • Underwater accident recovery services
    • Rollover Recovery & Winching Services
    • Full-Service Flatbed Towing

Collision Recovery

If you are involved in a vehicle collision and need towing service trust our highly skilled and certified towing professionals to take care of everything. We have responded to hundreds of accidents and have had the opportunity to work alongside other trained professionals who are involved when you have a vehicle collision emergence. Just Intense towing for all your collision recovery needs.

Exotic Car Transport

If you drive an exotic car or luxury vehicle, when it needs towing, you deserve the very best towing service money can buy. We understand you may be somewhat particular with the handling and care of your car, that’s why we are meticulous in the attention we pay to the smallest of details. If we must touch the interior of your car, we ensure our clothes and gloves are clean so your car remains smudge-free.

Equipment Towing

Are you a construction contractor that needs a piece of equipment moved from one job site to another? Maybe you are a weekend warrior that needs to tackle a landscaping job that requires the use of a skid-steer, and you don’t have a trailer. In either case, you can save yourself time and money by having us move the equipment for you. Schedule your appointment in advance for faster service.

Motorcycle Towing

The greatest thing about riding your motorcycle down the highway is the freedom you feel unencumbered by the constraints of 2 tons of steel.  But when your bike is down you no longer have that freedom. We understand how frustrating it can be to need a tow.  But, when you do,  Trust Intense Towing & Recovery to do all your motorcycle towing. We are raising the bar in the towing industry.


We take your property rights seriously. Whether you are an investor, manager, or shop owner, you have paid good money for the use of your real estate. And, there’s no reason why you should put up with motorists parking their cars, illegally on your property. The good news is, we are one of the few companies in Prince George’s County Maryland who offers private property towing services.

If you are a property owner or manager who deals with unwanted cars and trucks on your apartment complex lots, or retail spaces, we provide full-service private property parking enforcement. Take back your tenant’s space and attract more cash paying customers, to do business with you, with freed-up parking spaces.

We service retail businesses, housing complexes, parking lots, parking garages, or apartment complex. All types of private parking enforcement. We’ll even ensure your exits, dumpster areas, and fire-lanes remain free of unwanted cars. We offer this service to convenience stores, grocery stores, law offices, and more.

We provide all the signage and striping necessary and offer various agreements, including 24-hour monitoring of your property.

The Best Part Is…We do this all at no cost to you, the property owner.

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