Flatbed Towing Done Right

Oh no! What just happened? Your four-wheel drive just had a breakdown?

Unfortunately, car problems are something that happens to both the just and the unjust. But don’t worry, one call to Intense Towing and we’ll be on the way with a shiny flatbed tow truck to help you out of the mess. Our affordable towing services are rivaled by no other.

Quick Flatbed Towing Service

When you have vehicle problems and need a towing company near you to help with vehicle transportation, we suggest that you pick up the phone and call a local towing company. Rather than choosing one of those national companies and not knowing who will show up and what kind of equipment or attitude the driver may have, choose local. Pay less and receive the best service with Intense Towing and Recovery.

Experience Security With Flatbed Towing.

Having your car or truck towed doesn’t need to be a harrowing experience. Seeing your vehicle being pulled behind a conventional wrecker may be troublesome to you because it might look as if it could be damaged. We want you to rest assured knowing that most towing professionals know exactly how to tow your car behind a wrecker without damage. But if you prefer, or it is a requirement due to your car being a four-wheel drive vehicle, we will securely tow your vehicle on a flatbed.

What Do Flatbed Trucks Cost For Towing?

When you work directly with Intense Towing you cut out the middle-man, which means you pay less. Rather than using an insurance club roadside assistance membership and paying even when you don’t need service, call Intense Towing in the Clinton, Maryland area. We will provide you with flat-fee pricing with a positive and cheery attitude. With Intense Towing you never pay for services you don’t need.


So, if you’ve got a weekend do-it-yourself project and don’t want the hassle of renting a truck and trailer to haul your equipment, give us a call.
We also move garden sheds.

Long Distance Towing For High-End Vehicles

Do you have a high-performance vehicle that just experienced a vehicle breakdown? If so, you probably don’t want to let just any automotive repair shop work on it. Right? And if that’s the case, you probably are very selective with who you allow to touch or even tow your car. We understand. That is why we offer long distance flatbed towing services. So, if your vintage vehicle, classic car, or exotic “heavy duty” muscle car throws a rod, count on Intense Towing to take care of your car.

Flat Bed Tow Trucks For All Occasions

Whether you need an Infiniti QX 60 towed to the dealership, a Jeep Wrangler towed back to your home garage, or equipment towing service, trust that Intense Towing and Recovery will take care of both you and your vehicle. But, hey…Did you know that our flatbed tow trucks can haul more than just four-wheel drive cars, trucks and SUV’s? Yeah, it’s true.
We can haul any type of equipment with a flatbed tow truck. Forklifts, skid-steers, trenchers, tractors, scissor-lifts, and more.

Secure Roadside Service With A Smile.

Most of the towing companies available in the Clinton, Maryland area provide both wrecker towing and flatbed towing. Both are secure and will work for whatever car you are driving, but most customers prefer a flatbed tow truck. We offer both flatbed and wrecker towing trucks, but we offer something that most of the other companies do not. We offer roadside service with a smile.
So, if you are traveling in and around the Clinton, Maryland area and are in need of towing services, please call Intense Towing and Recovery. We provide the highest level of service and professionalism in the towing industry today. Thank You.