Are You Looking For Affordable Towing?

When you are looking for fast, affordable towing in Clinton, Maryland, choose Intense towing and recovery as your towing company. We are the friendly towing and roadside service solution in Prince George’s County, Maryland. We’re happy to help motorists through any issues they’re having with their disabled vehicles and will respond quickly.

Affordable Towing For Busy Families

If you are a parent whose children are involved in school sports you must have a dependable vehicle to transport them to and from practice. If you find yourself needing towing or roadside assistance, the costs for these unexpected services can be somewhat overwhelming. That is why Intense Towing and Recovery is committed to providing the highest level of towing and related services at prices working families can afford.

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  • Accident Recovery

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Are You Looking For Affordable Towing Near Me?

Intense Towing provides fast, inexpensive towing. Whether your car or truck needs to be towed across town or hundreds of miles, our trained professional tow truck operators are available to help. We understand that your time is of great importance and that a wrinkle like needing a tow can be a pain. No matter the situation or the type of vehicle you drive, we can get to you fast, remedy the problem quickly, and charge you a fair towing rate.


How Much Does It Cost To Tow A Car?

The cost to tow a car depends on many factors.

For example, if your vehicle is located 10 miles from our headquarters and you need it towed another 20 miles in the same direction, the charge for the tow truck service would include mileage charges for at least 20 miles. Towing services normally consist of a hook-up fee plus a dollar amount per mile towed. If you need a flat tire change then there would be no towing charge, just a flat-rate service call fee.

The problem that many people run into is they mistake accident recovery for towing services. While most towing companies do provide both services, they vary in many ways. The degree of difficulty and liability incurred during each procedure are just a few things to consider. It’s like going to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned versus having all your teeth removed and getting new dentures. They’re not at all comparable, so why should the price be?

Our Customer Service Is Rivaled By None

The cost of towing services is one consideration when you have a breakdown but it shouldn’t be your only. Regardless of if you need your car towed to the repair shop due to a breakdown, or because you’ve been involved in an accident and need accident recovery, with Intense Towing you’ll always receive excellent customer service.

When we started this business, one thing we found that was missing in many of the interactions between towing companies and their customers was great customer service. We believe that all customers should be treated with courtesy and respect. That’s why we go out of our way to ensure that your potentially unhappy car breakdown experience is the best possible experience you can have. So, when you need help with your car in the Clinton area, you can always count on Intense Towing’s competitively priced towing rates.