Police Towing Clinton, Maryland

Have you been in a traffic accident? And as a result, you now need your vehicle towed to your body shop. Intense Towing and Recovery Service is here to help. Our highly skilled and experienced operators know how to handle any motor vehicle collision situation you may be involved in. They’ve seen it all.

But, before we can help, you must call the police department and report the accident. Then call us, and we will get to you as fast as humanly possible. In other words, we know how dangerous it is for you to be sitting roadside. Every second counts. The longer you are roadside, the higher the chance you will be involved in a secondary collision. Whether from an accident, that’s already occurred or because you need roadside assistance, the shoulder is a dangerous place.

Emergency And Police Towing

Police towing and other services

  • Winching Service: Whether you are stuck in the mud or slid down an embankment.
  • Unlock Service: For when you need your keys retrieved after locking them inside your vehicle.
  • Tire Change: When you have a flat tire and need the flat tire removed and the spare tire put in its place.
  • Towing Service: When your car isn’t running because of engine problems and you need it towed to the repair shop.
  • Emergency Towing: Every second matters and sitting roadside is dangerous for you and your family.
  • Accident Towing: When you’ve been involved in an accident, and you need your vehicle moved immediately.

Fast, friendly and reliable towing service

We are more than just a police towing company. When you need assistance, we wholeheartedly work to provide you with superior and the most reliable service possible. Every customer’s situation is unique and varies significantly. From the moment you call in, to our tow truck operator arriving to you, our team will cater their response and solution to your problem. Intense Towing and Recovery works diligently to ensure prompt, courteous, and dependable service for all our customers.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call

  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Kind and understanding dispatchers
  • Your safety and well being is important to us

Why Choose Intense Towing?

Intense Towing and Recovery are the ones to call in Clinton, Maryland, for all emergency and car accident towing needs. Our team of skilled tow truck operators works with all law enforcement to get you off the roadway quickly and out of harm’s way. You can always depend on us because we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, no matter the weather. From arriving to assist you to dropping your vehicle off at its destination, our customer service is our top priority.  Of course, not every situation you find yourself in requires a call to the police. For example, if you are locked out of your car you wouldn’t call the police to provide unlock service. That’s because Intense Towing is available to retrieve your keys from a locked vehicle 24 hours a day.