Need Emergency Towing In Clinton, Maryland?

Are you stranded roadside?

Are you there because of something you didn’t see coming?

Was it because you weren’t sure which way a suicide squirrel was going? Or did a bird hit your windshield?


Close calls like these may cause you to swerve to miss, but if you overcorrect and get too close to the soft shoulder. BAM!  Your vehicle gets sucked in, pulling you right into the ditch.

At Intense Towing and Recovery, we know how scary it can be being stranded roadside and needing assistance. That’s why we are here to help you out of your emergency situation. Our skilled tow truck operators will take the utmost care of you and your family.

You can put your mind at ease. With our professionalism and experience, we guarantee that you’ll receive excellent towing services.

Accident Recovery And Emergency Towing Professionals

Get Help Now With Emergency Towing

  • Emergency winching service.
  • Towing service when you need it.
  • Baby locked inside a hot car.
  • Police accident recovery services
  • Compassionate drivers who truly care about you.
  • Roadside tire change service

Please don’t wait to get help. Due to the increased chance that you may be involved in an accident, tt’s important that you don’t wait to get help. The longer you and your family remain roadside and in harms way threat of a collision increases. Call us today for all your emergency towing needs.



Have you been in an accident and need help immediately?

  • We are avaliable 24 hours a day 365 days a year
  • Quick response towing services
  • We are standing by to assist you
  • Roadside assistance solutions
  • Lockout service
  • Battery jump start
  • Police towing
  • Empathetic and courteous

Are you stuck in the mud?

Then, Pick up the phone and call Intense Towing and Recovery RIGHT NOW!

There’s no reason to be frustrated when things aren’t going your way with your car. Intense Towing is here when you need us the most. When you call, we will immediately send out one of our trained tow truck operator to help you get your car or truck back on the road again.

  • We know all the right questions to ask to best assist you when you’re stranded roadside.
  • Our staff is filled with kind and understanding dispatchers and tow truck operators.
  • You’ll notice that our drivers take extreme pride in doing their job well.

You can never tell when you may encounter car trouble while on the roads. And, it doesn’t matter what type of care you drive. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can tow anything from a car, a motorcycle, a gigantic SUV, to a truck with oversized tires. We make it our business to know the latest towing procedures and techniques. We take what we do very seriously and are transparent and honest with all of our customers. So, whether it’s a tow, an accident recovery, or a simple jump start, give Intense Towing a call.