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Lockout Service

Lock your keys in your car? Don't worry, we'll get them out. Intense Towing's roadside assistance services include retrieving keys that have been accidentally locked inside your vehicle.

Damage Free Service

If you lock your keys inside your car please don’t try and extract them by yourself. Avoid risking costly damages to your car’s paint and interior when you try to do it yourself. Let one of our professional roadside assistance technicians do the work.


Battery Service

Are you trying to start your car and all you hear is click, click, click? Most likely, that's your battery. Intense Towing & Recovery provides battery service and will get you going again.

Jump Starts

Cold mornings here in Prince George’s County Maryland can take their toll on your car’s starting system. Usually it’s the battery that goes first. Here in Maryland, you can expect the average battery to last 3 years. Call Intense Towing for roadside assistance.


Tire Change

You've got more things to contend with than changing your own tire. Sure you can do it yourself, but why? Our skilled professionals will remove your bad tire and replace it with your spare.

Professional Service

Did you know that we carry air tanks on all of our tow trucks? So that, if warranted, we can fill your tire up with air and send you on your way. A slow leak will still need to be looked at by your tire shop but in a pinch this will help you get on with your day.


Fuel Delivery

Did you miscalculate how far you could go when the gas light comes on? We've all done, driven on fumes. Well, when this happens to you give us a call, and we'll be there in a matter of minutes.

Speedy Service

Did your teenager borrow the car the night before an important scheduled meeting? And, are you now slowly drifting to the shoulder of the highway, white-knuckled and seething because your tank is empty? Don’t worry, we’ll bring you a couple of gallons.

Want To Learn More About Our Roadside Assistance?


With our flat tire changing service, we will come to your location and remove your damaged or deflated tire and then replace it with your vehicle’s good spare. If you do not have a spare don’t despair, we always bring along a tow truck.  This way, we can easily tow your car to one of the dozens of reputable repair shops in Prince George’s County, or anywhere you like.

In some instances, it can be easily determined that a tire change is not necessary and that all your tire needs is just air. That’s why we carry air tanks on all our tow trucks. Trust the professionals at Intense Towing & Recovery.


Did You Run Short Of The Station?


One minute you’re cruising down the highway, on your way to work, the next minute your car dies and you can hardly steer.  And, you eventually roll to a slow stop on the shoulder. The good news is, a visit to the mechanic is not required.  The bad news is, you have just run out of gas.

Maybe it was because your gas gauge is broken, but does it really matter why? No, but now you need to fix the problem with a little roadside assistance. That’s where Intense Towing comes in.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, give us a call. When you do, one of our professionals will be out to your location within minutes. We’ll bring you a couple gallons of gas or diesel, whatever you need. Just enough to get you to the next gas station.



It’s those cold mornings coupled with warm late afternoons that causes your battery to discharge. When this happens, you might only hear a click. So, what do you do now? We suggest that you call us to fix the problem, we’re right down the road. It will only take the few minutes to get to you, so relax and drink another cup of coffee.

We will arrive in a matter of minutes, with jumper cables to provide you with a jump start. And…if the jump start won’t do the trick we also provide battery replacement and even towing service.

Life’s too short to let issues like this put a damper on your day. Let us do the work for you and get you on your way, call 301-535-8310


Lock Your Keys Inside?


It can be quite unnerving when your keys end up locked in your car. But…Please, before you take matters into your own hands and attempt to get keys locked inside out, all by yourself, just understand that we have seen the damage that can be done. Excited, and in a hurry to fix a bad situation, we’ve seen too many customers put deep scratches in their car’s paint. Many have ripped their car’s interior with a clothes hangers, and have even ripped the rubber gaskets. You know, those things on the edge of your door that keep the road noise and rain from outside. These damages are much more costly than our services.

Your time is valuable, but so is your car. So, rather than doing trying to do it yourself, or waiting for your insurance company to find a towing company to provide damage-free unlock service, we suggest you call us, Intense Towing & Recovery. When you do, we will arrive within minutes and solve your problem, then provide you with a receipt to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Quick and easy roadside assistance. Not sure about making the call? Check out our previous customers reviews.


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