Car Tow Truck

Car Tow Truck Towing Service

When you need prompt towing service for you car give us a call at Intense Towing. We provide PROMPT Towing services around the clock.   301-535-8310

    Car Tow Truck Flatbed Towing

    Do you drive the kind of vehicle that requires towing on a flatbed tow truck? From cars to SUVs, all-wheel drives, and more, our flatbed towing service is ideal for long and short-distance towing. Our team at Intense Towing offers affordable towing services no matter the hour of the day or night, the type of weather, or if you’ve been involved in an accident. Because our tow truck operators are Wreckmaster Certified and have years of experience, you can relax knowing they have what it takes to help you out of your frustrating roadside dellima. We are all about working hard, providing the best solution for your specific vehicle breakdown while doing it at a pocketfriendly price.

    So the next time you are in or around Clinton and need a Temple Hills towing service for your car, an accident tow, a winch after you’ve slid into the ditch, or one of our many roadside assistance services, remember we are always just a phone call away to provide you with the best possible solution no matter the hour of the day or the night.

    Car Tow Truck

    Intense Towing is a full-service towing company ready to solve your roadside breakdown around the clock. Please take a moment to see what services we have to offer. If you require emergency roadside assistance service and are unsure if we provide it, please call us. Our dispatchers are knowledgeable and ready to answer any of your questions around the clock.

    • Classic Car Towing
    • Flatbed Transport
    • Equipment Transport
    • Accident Towing
    • Winching Service
    • Recovery Services
    • Battery Boost
    • Unlock Service
    • Gas Delivery
    • Tire Change Service
    • Police Towing
    • Affordable Rates

    Damage Free Towing

    Low Profile Towing

    Car Tow Truck

    When towing your low profile vehicle, call us at Intense Towing. Your car will receive the finesse and precision required to get it safely from point A to point B. Caring for your vehicle is what we do best.

    Motorcycle Towing

    Car Tow Truck

    Need a tow for your Harley? We have the experience, equipment, and knowledge to tow any bike today. Getting your bike to your destination on time without any hassle is our priority.

    Long Distance Towing

    Car Tow Truck

    Are you from out of town and need a company that will tow the distance you need? We provide long-distance towing services for residential and commercial motorists around the clock.

    Fast And Dependable Towing And More

    Are you looking for a towing company to provide prompt towing for your car, truck, SUV, all-wheel drive, or four-wheel drive vehicle? Intense Towing respects your time; therefore, you can count on us to arrive within minutes of your call. No matter the hour, you can always depend on us for short or long-distance towing, accident towing, or damage-free towing services for your high-end car.
    Did you accidentally lock the keys inside? Call us. Our tow truck operator will have you back inside your vehicle quickly, whether you are a residential or commercial fleet motorist. We also offer roadside assistance services to help get you and your vehicle back on the road promptly around the clock. From unlocking your car and changing a flat tire to jumpstarting your electric vehicle’s dead battery, we will work swiftly, save you money, and provide you with the utmost customer care when you need it the most.
    Taking care of our customers is always our highest priority. Our tow truck operators are Wreckmaster Certified and work with the highest quality equipment to ensure you receive efficient, damage-free towing and roadside assistance services around the clock.
    Intense Towing is your friendly neighbor towing team that’s always just a phone call away.

    Car Tow Truck