Looking for Equipment Towing Clinton, Maryland?

You’ve come to the right place. Intense Towing and Transport is looking for equipment to tow. With our rollback, we can get your equipment loaded easily and transported safely to the job site where you need it. Or, if it’s rental equipment transport, we can move it where your customer needs it.  Do you have a scheduled time you need a forklift towed? We have friendly dispatchers standing by waiting for your call to schedule your transport with a phone call in advance. The customer didn’t give you enough notice for getting that equipment to the job site? No worries you can call Intense Towing the same day as well.

Intense Towing and Recovery is your Equipment Towing Specialist

Why a Rollback for Equipment Towing?

Because we are here to take the hard work out of transporting your equipment to your job site. You don’t even need a dock.

Our trained flatbed towed truck operators have the knowledge and experience required to tow your forklift, skid-steer, or bobcat with ease. Plus the rollback bed is perfect for smooth loading. The bed tilts at an angle and comes in direct contact with the ground. The winch cable is then carefully attached to your equipment then safely winched onto the bed. After that, we put the bed back in place and then inspect and secure whatever we’re transporting to the bed. After arriving at the drop off location, we simply reverse the process. What can be easier?


Available For Load Lifting As Well

Maybe you need a load lifted onto a trailer for transport or moved to the location it’s needed at the job site in the Clinton, MD area. If so, we can help. With our vast range of services, Intense Towing and Recovery is here to help 24/7. Give Intense a call for all your equipment transporting, lifting, and roadside service needs.

Call Intense Towing for all your Towing or Roadside Assistance needs.

Here at Intense Towing and Recovery, we do our best to ensure our customers are taken care of 24/7. We want to lighten your load with the vast services we provide from equipment hauling to all your roadside assistance needs. The roadside services we provide include retrieving keys from a locked vehicle to bringing air for a low or flat tire. We can also tow your two-wheel or four-wheel drive cars and trucks. Did you slide off the road? We can winch your vehicle safely back onto solid ground.  Call Intense Towing and Recovery for all your towing and roadside assistance needs.