Local Towing Clinton, MD


Local Towing In Clinton

When you are in Clinton and in need of a towing company Intense Towing And Recovery is always available and ready to help you.   301-535-8310

    Local Towing And More….

    Imagine you are ready to leave Walmart on Branch RD. in Clinton. You get into your car. Put your seatbelt on. And start your car. But, all you hear is a click, click sound. Your car doesn’t start. There could be a couple of things going on. It could be your battery, starter, or even your alternator. But what you know for sure is you going to need some help. Intense Towing is the company to call. Our AAA towing trained tow truck operators can give you a hand by trying to jump start your car, and if that doesn’t get your car moving, we can tow it to your auto shop or tow your home.

    We are reliable affordable and will go above and beyond to provide you with the highest quality customer service in the towing industry to help solve your unfortunate situation.

    Local Towing Clinton

    Allow Intense Towing to be your towing and roadside assistance problem solver. Our tow truck operators are very courteous, safe, fast, and our services are affordable.

    • Flatbed Towing
    • Wrecker Service
    • Classic Car Towing
    • Accident Towing
    • Winching Service
    • Recovery Service
    • Emergency Rodside Assistance
    • Unlock Service
    • Jump Start Service
    • Tire Change Service
    • Fuel Delivery
    • Fleet Services

    Hazmat Remediation Services

    Short Distance Towing

    Local Towing Clinton

    Whether you need a wrecker tow down the street, to your mechanic or home Intense Towing will be there in a jiff to provide you with the best tow in Clinton, MD by trusted tow truck operators who care about providing you with a safe, hassle-free tow.

    Long Distance Towing

    Local Towing Clinton

    Are you visiting Clinton and need your car, truck, or motorcycle towed to another city? No worries, Intense towing is fully staffed and can handle taking you and your car the distance you need to go.

    Roadside Assistance

    Local Towing Clinton

    Is your car battery dead? Maybe you locked your keys in your car? Or is your truck sitting in the garage with a flat tire? Whether you are sitting roadside or in your garage and need assistance with your car, Intense Towing has got your back.

    Your 24/7 Roadside Solution Company

    You know, sometimes needing assistance roadside can come at the worst time ever. “I think I’ll schedule in a flat tire on the busiest day of my week,” said no one, ever.

    No matter what time of the wee hours of the morning, afternoon, or late night, Intense Towing is ready and willing to give you a hand with your vehicle. Life is always ready to throw a monkey wrench in your path when you least expect it. From having a flat tire to running into a tree, to even something as annoying as needing car unlock service, when things seem like they’re going great, whammy, you’re hit with a problem. Now, we can’t help you with all the monkey wrenches life can throw at you, but we can help you with all your towing and roadside assistance needs. Our tow truck operators are Wreckmaster certified. They are empathetic to your needs. You always have a friend in the towing business to help you out 24 hours every day. Therefore you can be assured that when you need towing service for your car, truck, mini-van, motorcycle, or SUV will be well taken care of on time every time by a professional team.

    Local Towing Clinton