Motorcycle Towing Clinton, Maryland

Are you stranded roadside because your motorcycle’s engine just cut off? Well, you’re gonna need to get that baby towed. But with all the choices of towing companies available, how do you know to call?

Intense Towing & Recovery offers a fast, friendly, and reliable motorcycle towing. We are happy to provide assistance to the motorists traveling throughout the Clinton, Maryland area. We understand just how important your bike is to you, that’s why our team will treat your motorcycle as if it were one of our own. From loading your bike to properly securing Harley, or BMW bike onto our flatbed tow trucks, to safely delivering it to its destination, every member of our team takes towing your motorcycle very seriously. We genuinely care about our customers and go above and beyond to provide you with the best customer service possible.

Professional Motorcycle Towing

Motorcycle Towing Intense Towing Style

Whether your motorcycle has a Flat tire or simply stopped running, Intense Towing and Recovery is only a phone call away. We”ll get to you as fast as humanly possible to assist you in this stressful predicament. With our specialized motorcycle recovery equipment, you can be sure that Intense Towing and Recovery is highly skilled to transport your ride safely. No matter if you ride a sportbike, a trike, or a custom cycle, we have the latest equipment and the proper securement to ensure professional transport for your motorcycle. We’ll get it where it needs to go safely and in a timely manner..and of course, all our towing services are completed without damage.

Our Intense Style of Motor bike towing means that all motorcycle road rescues are given an immediate response.  We provide emergency response to all police towing calls we receive. We know how dangerous it is to be sitting roadside without shelter while cars are whizzing by. So, relax and know that you’ve got Intense Towing on your side.

Motorcycle Towing Clinton Maryland
Motorcycle Towing Clinton Maryland

Did You Know?

Did you know that Indiana has a state law that only requires motorcyclists to stop for 2 minutes at a red stoplight. The law allows them to treat the stoplight as if it were a stop sign, then proceed through the intersection cautiously. The law was nicknamed “The Dead Red” law but officially is designated IC 9-21-3-7b-3 signed in 2015.

Five tips for safely riding your motorcycle in the rain

Riding your bike in the rain can be fun but it can dangerous as well. To help keep you safe, and warm, we’ve put together five tips to help you enjoy your rainy ride.

  • Proper gear: If you live and ride in the part of the country that frequently gets rain, it’s hard to have fun when the rain soaks you. There also is a chance you could become hypothermic while riding, which will diminish your ability to concentrate and perform necessary driving tasks. Investing in reflective safety features that also keep you warm will allow motorists see you and keep you safe when riding in the rain.
  • Use smooth control inputs: Whether you are on a bike or driving a car, we all know traction is limited when driving in the rain. Thankfully, the grip of motorcycles tires has made tremendous improvements over the years. With that said, you still need to make smooth control inputs or you, and your bike will not fair well. Increasing your following distance and slowing down will help you with smooth control inputs. Also, relax, bend your bike into the turns and don’t flick it.
  • Pay attention to the pavement: You should avoid anything smooth such as manhole covers, metals plates during construction, and railroad tracks. Other dangerous areas you should watch for would be lawn clippings, potholes, and oil spots. Avoiding these areas as much as you can will help keep you moving forward safely.
  • Maintaining your motorcycle: Tires, tires, tires, maintaining your tires are highly important for riding in the rain. You want to be sure there is plenty of tread, and that your tires are properly inflated.
  • Improve your vision: When riding in the rain, protecting your eyes is a must, but be sure not to wear a tinted visor. A tinted visor will restrict even more light from entering your eyes. A clear visor is best, and you could use rain-x to keep the rainwater from spotting it up.

Why Choose Intense Towing for your Motorcycle towing needs?

We get it, you want to know why you should trust our towing service over all the other options out there. Well, the first thing that comes to mind when considering who you should choose for your motorcycle transport company is, will the company damage your motorcycle?  The short answer is no. We take extra care and pay attention to every detail because we understand that motorcycles have chrome that can be easily dented and scratched. To ensure that no harm comes to your bike, we use soft straps and cushioning in the form of specially made non-abrasive terry cloth material. This ensures that no metal or potentially harmful polyester straps. You should choose Intense Towing to tow your motorcycle because we will take great care of your bike.

When you call Intense Towing and Recovery, you will receive prompt, professional service. Our tow truck operators go above and beyond to provide exceptional service, ensuring you will always arrive home safe. Thank you for considering Intense Towing and Recovery for all your roadside assistance solutions and Towing needs.